Quattrocentvs arises thanks to the creative idea from Plastic Artist LVCCA, combining classic and contemporary, translating them in Funeral Urns or small Mausoleums

In the antiquity great and sumptuous monuments existed, but for space reasons and the functionality of the cremations, this art is had lost, being reduced to a standard Urns  of diverse materials, as they are the marble, bronze, aluminum and wood, with some common religious reason.

At the present time the cremation has taken great height to be the form but advisable and practical to have the rest of its dear beings.

The cremation allows the relatives to take a time from reflection on where depositing ashes, can be in its house, a niche or scatter them in some place of the affability of the deceased.

LVCCA occurred to the task of recovering the suntuosidad of those mausoleums in a small space, being the creative source, the death of their grandfathers. This idea took in taking shape in a period of but of 13 years and the first finished project was used for ashes of its grandmother 2 years ago, thus initiating, the creation of these Funeral Urns - Monument for the public in general.

The Funeral Urns of Quattrocentvs are a worthy place so that the ashes of their wanted beings rest, in her took part Mexican, sculptors craftsmen, jewelers, cabinetmakers, carpenters, marble workers, smelters, among others.

The Funeral Urns  are made in different materials, selected meticulously as they are fine wood and burls, plates by roots of elm tree, maple, among others; concerned marquetry, marbles, nationals and, bronze smelting to the lost wax, zamak, bind American, with 18 karat, silver or pátinas in bronze with policromía to the oil; reason why each piece becomes only, due to the natural materials that are used, no is equal to another one, each Funeral Urns has individual characteristics, becoming an exclusive piece.

Each Funeral Urns gives with the certificate of the author and a numbered certificate of authenticity.

The fusion of the conceptual and functional art, is translated in these Funeral Urns, offering a last one to him dwelled for ashes of its dear beings as much physical as spiritually, being pieces of great quality and beauty.

Quattrocentvs is a Mexican mark, been in the Mexico City, that it tries to contribute a new concept to the funeral art and in individual in the scope of the Funeral Urns, rendering cultured to the great mausoleums that have predominated throughout history.

"The death is something unavoidable, has an indefinite time to arrive, brings with himself suffering for the earth space, loosening and tranquillity of the soul for which it leaves to new horizons to eter to us; the memory and the veneration are what Inmortals does to us."